Memorial Day and Who I Remember

I remember my dad today. He came over from England when he was young with my grandmother. He joined the Navy after high school, training to be a submariner. Up until a number of years ago, I would see me dad this time of year every year. I’d go up to Vermont and see him, bring him flowers, and say hi to him. The visit wouldn’t last very long though, and I would have to leave the cemetery where he is buried, since I was 3 years old. But I don’t just remember him on this day, Memorial Day, a day for all those in the service. I remember him everyday.

For Paul Richard Simon

United States Navy

Sailor, Father


A bicycle built for one

I am a proud parent this evening because my eldest son has learned how to ride a bike. He’s been wanting to learn for a while now, and since he’s had a bike for a couple of years now, now was as good a time as any. Just to make it clear I, nor his mother actually witnessed him performing this on his own – his uncle video messaged it to us – but it doesn’t really matter because being proud comes at any time, and from anywhere. Such an accomplishment! And at 10 years of age, he learned a year before I had at his age. The timing may seem like a bit off because the two of us learned when we were older, but does that really matter? Not really. The result was the same regardless of when we learned.

The best thing about this, other than the actually ability to ride a bicycle, is that now the sayings “just like riding a”, and “you never forget how to ride a” can now mean something to him contextually. How sweet is that?! Very. Ride on my son, ride on.