This is an example of a nice game of chess’ page…

And that’s how I start the “About” section. Probably not original, but I haven’t digged deep enough to find it on another page. This will likely change I’m sure.

Anyway, so you’re probably wondering if since this blog is titled nice game of chess that it must be about the said strategy board game. Unfortunately it is not (I haven’t played a decent game in years), so if you’d like to leave now than please feel free to do so.

… Oh, you’re still here? Well then let me continue. I choose the title as a nod to the 1983 movie War Games starring Matthew Broderick. Basically so that I don’t ruin it for those who have not seen it, there is a scene where the computer! Joshua, asks if Broderick’s character would prefer to play “a nice game of chess”. I like to think of it as a sort of metaphor for life. I mean, when things seem bad, when nothing goes right, when all else fails, you can always have a nice game of chess to see you through.

Now about me. I’m Chris and I live in a tiny boro off the Delaware River in Pennsylvania. I’m married to a wonderful and strong lady and we have five amazing boys. Look for them as they may pop up here on the blog from time to time (like boy # 3 to the right over there, well above, wherever the picture may be).


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