… all that interested

I was never really all that interested in maintaining a blog before. The urge to do so just wasn’t in me, or at least so I thought, until a few weeks ago when I began to really consider it. Basically I viewed it as a bit odd knowing that what I conceive in my head will be put out on the web for all to read. I’ve never really been all that comfortable expressing myself in this way, but now I’m not too nervous of leaving myself open for others to observe.

I tell myself that it doesn’t matter what others think but that’s just not true. I do care and I need to know that I can allow to have this open feeling. I shall cringe every time I’m about to hit the submit button. But I will also feel relief, having let a piece of me go out with the chance that it may flourish. I will feel happy, and also a bit curious, when someone wants more of what I have to offer.

I may not have been all that interested before, but now I am. The question remains if others will be interested in me.


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